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      Reasons for the Instability of the Translational Door of Industrial Push-and-Pull Door Fittings-Repair of the Push-and-Pull Door


      Factory Push-pull Door Manufacturer Analysis Push-pull Door can not move how to do:


      1. When the sliding door is not in the slot, it shows that the upper and lower slideways are now showing a migration track. In this case, the sliding door will naturally not be able to move forward, so the pulley block should be allowed to reduce friction as much as possible. All you have to do is to clean up the stains.





      2. After cleaning the slideway, check if there are any obstacles in the touching area between the slideway and the pulley, thus increasing the friction between them, such as plastic paper with gelatin tape, or some places where the phenomenon of skin explosion has now appeared, or if there is any, clean up the debris.


      3. Don't forget to deal with the switch even if the slider appears in the sliding door. In the case of uneven snap and slot, in order to adjust the method, in general, after adjusting the screw with a screwdriver, the orientation of the slot can be manipulated.


      4. After finishing, remember to clean up the stain in the gap of the sliding door, so that it can be used.


      But if the pulley of the sliding door of the factory building is damaged, it is necessary to find people to change the pulley at the door and not disassemble and assemble by themselves.


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