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    • 「快速门配件」聚集门轴互换及维修要领

      Replacement and Maintenance of Accumulated Door Shaft for Fast Door Accessories


      我国财富经济的快速生长,以后大型快速卷帘门的需求越来越大,被普遍用于种种财富厂房、物流利道、车间、堆栈、机房、车库等场所。随着 俊杰同盟投注网站系列产品的提高,运用单位对门体的外貌、抗风强度、驱动及控制体系、制造工艺和运用寿命等公允性央求也越来越高。

      With the rapid development of China's industrial economy, the demand for large-scale fast curtain doors is increasing. They are widely used in various industrial plants, logistics channels, workshops, warehouses, machine rooms, garages and other places. With the improvement of industrial door series products, users have higher and higher requirements for the rationality of door surface, wind resistance, drive and control system, fabrication process and service life.


      It is understood that the industrial gate is to meet the requirements of this market and plan a new generation of products.





      1. Before installing the main axle of the fast rolling shutter door, fix the hanging plate on the reel in a fixed direction, then install 4-6 sheets of curtain plate on the hanging plate and tighten the Sichuan wire on the reel.


      2. When hoisting the large axle of the fast rolling shutter door, we must pay attention to safety. The installation of special commanders, ladders, scaffolding and hand-pulled hoists should be inspected. In the installation of fast shutter door, the optical axle with bearing and seat is inserted into the end hole of the scroll, and the fixed bolt of the bearing is tightened after alignment.


      3. After the reel is good, the reel can be moved left and right to adjust its position. At the same time, check the level of the reel with the level ruler and horizontal pipe. After adjustment, the optical shaft and the reel are fully welded and fixed, and the optical shaft and the bearing are fixed with the support screw.


      4. When hoisting the reel, special attention should be paid to not breaking the curtain board rolled on the axle, and to pad the board when tied with wire rope.



      Technical parameters:


      Surface: High strength anti-oxidation aluminium alloy door frame 120 x 130 feet, silver white, in line with the 6063-T6 standard, cold binding plate electrostatic spraying door cover, chassis.



      Power function: German SEW brake motor, power 0.75-1.5KW, power 220V/380V, brake voltage 220V.


      Control System: Imported Microcomputer Frequency Conversion Control Unit (Mitsubishi CPU).

      控制电压:安全高压 24VDC。

      Control Voltage: Safe Low Voltage 24VDC.

      开启速率:开启0.8-2.0m/秒/封锁 0.6-1.2m/秒(变频可调速)。

      Opening speed: Open 0.8-2.0m/s/close 0.6-1.2m/s (variable frequency adjustable speed).


      Door curtain material: Imported high density polyester fiber appearance coating treatment, thickness 0.8mm-1.5mm, color options.




      Tensile strength: 5700/5100N/5cm, tear strength 900/80N.


      Fire protection level: German standard MZD/NBL is non-flammable.


      Application temperature: - 10 C + 70 C.


      Tongming Window: Imported PVC Tongming Crystal Flexible Board, 1.5mm Thickness, Rectangular or Elliptical


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