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      Replacement of Sliding Door Wire Rope for "Lifting Door Accessories"



      The wire rope used in industrial lifting door can play the role of spring tension when the industrial lifting door rises upward, so as to reduce the tension load of the motor.


      If there is no wire rope, a long time, it is easy to cause the motor pulled out due to excessive load.




      The structure of lifting door is very many. Only when we know the structure of lifting door, can we give the method of adjusting wire rope. It is suggested to call the manufacturer of lifting door for inquiry.


      Commonly used wire ropes are phosphating coated wire rope, galvanized wire rope and stainless steel wire rope, which are used in atmospheric environment.


      The longest service life of manganese phosphating coated steel wire rope produced by patented technology is shown by fatigue test data at present. The fatigue life of phosphating coated steel wire rope is about 3-4 times as long as that of structured smooth steel wire rope (under comparable conditions in laboratory).


      Not easy to wear and rust is the reason why the service life of steel wire rope is prolonged by a large margin. It is far beyond imported steel wire rope. Hot-dipped galvanized-phosphated double-coated steel wire rope is preferred for heavy corrosion environment, for reference only.


      Replacement of Sliding Door Wire Rope for "Lifting Door Accessories"






      When the steel rope of your industrial lifting door breaks, you should pay attention to the following aspects for inspection:


      1. Whether the wire diameter specification of the wire rope meets the bearing requirement or not, if it does not meet the requirement, it should be replaced in time.


      2. Whether accessories such as roller hinge friction with steel wire rope, resulting in damage to steel wire rope. If the damage of wire rope is found, check whether there is friction or not, and if so, remove it in time.


      3. The wire rope has been used for too long, and has not done any maintenance work such as lubrication and rust removal. Inspect the parts of the wire rope, add lubricant to the parts needing lubrication, and clean up the rust.


      The main reasons are as follows: insufficient or inadequate strength on the torsional spring of the industrial lifting door, different tightness of the left and right springs on the industrial lifting door, and no adjustment of the spring balance system of the industrial lifting door.


      At this time, we need to timely adjust the balance system of industrial sliding door, especially the force on the torsion spring, so that the spring tightness on both sides of the industrial lifting door keeps the same, in order to solve the problem of wire rope falling off.





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