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    • 「lol投注网站吊轨」平移门轨道及吊轮的选择要领

      Selection Method of "Push-pull Door Crane Rail" Translational Door Track and Crane Wheel



      Push-pull, fold-down doors and windows occupy less space than traditional doors and windows. They are beautiful in appearance and convenient to use. They are welcomed by people.


      When installing push-pull doors and windows, it is very important to choose what kind of sliding track to make them run normally and smoothly.


      First, choose the material of the slide rail.


      At present, the rail materials on the market are different. Most of the slides are made of alloy, and some of them are made of copper or stainless steel.


      Alloy slides are classified into ordinary and high quality ones, depending on the quality of the door or window to which they are applicable.


      Selection Method of "Push-pull Door Crane Rail" Translational Door Track and Crane Wheel




      If the size of the door or window is small and the weight is light, you can choose smaller and more compact tracks. If the weight of the door or window is heavy, you need to choose high-quality tracks to ensure safety and durability.


      Secondly, price reflects quality.


      The rails used in doors and windows are mostly of alloy texture, but the texture is good or bad, mainly reflected in the workmanship and material of the slides and pulleys.


      The price of low-grade slides for doors and windows on the market is 120 yuan per kilometer, the middle-grade price is several tens of yuan per kilometer, and the high-grade price is one or two hundred meters per kilometer. The better the purity of slides, the stronger the quality and the higher the price.




      The price difference caused by different workmanship is different. Because the pulley is realized in East China by friction between the track and the sleeve and the bearing, the contact area between the pulley and the track is very important.


      Good quality push-pull process is the contact between the process point and the point, no astringency and noise.


      In terms of price, high-grade pulleys are also around several hundred yuan, which is five to ten times the price of low-grade products.


      Thirdly, attention should be paid to the selection of matching pulleys.


      Pulleys are indispensable parts in sliding doors and windows. High quality pulleys can greatly promote the use of sliding doors and windows.


      The quality of pulley sheath and bearing determines the quality of pulley.


      The outer sheath is mostly nylon fiber or copper. The copper pulley is stronger, but it has sound when pulling and pushes heavily.


      Nylon fibre pulley pulls without sound, but it is worse than copper pulley.




      Bearing materials are also very different. The good quality pulley bearings are made of imported stainless steel. The bearings are installed tightly. The sliding handle is soft and there is no noise. The higher grade sliding door crane can also adjust the height, make up the distance between the door and the track, and make the connection between the door and the track closer.


      Small pulleys at the bottom of doors and windows (commonly known as positioners or ground corners) can be pulled lightly and quickly. Some brands of pulleys are equipped with jump-proof devices, which make them safer to use.


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